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Dungeons & Dragons Club meets on special dates during the Summer Reading Program.
Please refer to our SRP page for more info until September.

Welcome adventurers! Join us for an epic quests with our own special twists! Character sheets, dice, and more provided by the library.

Our Current Campaign: The Ghosts of Saltmarsh


Ari: A young Tiefling Bard

Killian: A also young Half Trident Paladin

Thrasher: A young Half Orc Barbarian

Mina: A Dragonborn Cleric 

Princess Kenny: A young human child

Our characters find themselves in Saltmarsh, an unknown desolate fishing town. After going to a tavern named The Wicker Goat, our characters meet Manistrad Copperlocks, the leader of a mining company that had recently moved to the town. She is greatly aggravated at the party and bans them from her tavern. Falling unconscious after attempting to unbalance the tavern, Thrasher is left in the street while the rest travel onward. Finding a bridge with a sleeping elf, they stop there for the night. Killian, being of fae folk, is very insightful and finds a curse on the bridge meant for fae folk. They all sleep for the night, except for Ari of course, who stares at the elf all night. When they awake, Killian informs the elf of the curse and he tells them of a haunted manor that is said to hold lots of gold as thanks. He also tells them of a market across the bridge, which Ari is interested in as she would deeply enjoy seeing a goat. Thrasher catch’s back up to the party from the night before and they make their way to the market, in which Ari has fun with a goat. After a bit they leave, and go near what seems to be the council hall, as Ari begins eavesdropping on their meeting. All they know is four people, Manistard who they saw before, Eda, who seems to be a loyal traditionalist, and her suspicious friend Gellan, and Anders, who seems to have taken neither side.

@upperskagitlibrary The adventure continues today (7/15) at 3pm in the teen room as #Teen #DungeonsAndDragons ♬ original sound – Upper Skagit Library


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