Where were you when man landed on the moon?

The Apollo 11 lunar mission blasted off into space on July 16th, 1969 and returned to Earth on July 21st. In-between those dates, history was made – the lunar module Eagle landed on the Moon’s surface on July 20th, and by July 21st Neil Armstrong had taken his – and humanity’s – first steps in lunar dust, with Buzz Aldrin hot on his heels. President John F. Kennedy had promised in 1961 that man would land on the moon and return home before the decade is out, and this goal was accomplished with this mission, shown on television for all the world to see. The space race was over, though exploration was hardly done. 

Where were you fifty years ago? Were  your eyes upturned to the stars, hoping to catch a glimpse of something in the moon’s nocturnal glow? Did you crowd around the television set with family and friends, excitedly talking about the world of possibilities that had opened up? We want to know! Send us YOUR STORY by either emailing us at info@upperskagitlibrary.org, sending us a message or post on Facebook, or tagging us on Twitter with #UpperSkagitLibrary and #AUniverseofStories.

“In 1969 I was a high school foreign exchange student then living on a family farm in northern Norway. There was only one small, black and white TV in the community and it was at the tiny old general store/train station. It think it was late night, if I recall correctly? (but of course, still light out), and we all walked into town along with many others to watch the infamous moon landing. Afterwards, the community all congratulated ME, as if I were somehow responsible being from the USA. I had mixed and torn feelings as I personally didn’t support the space program, feeling that all that money and research should be better spent on taking care of planet Earth. But I kept those feelings to myself and tried to be gracious in accepting their pats on my back! (By the way, I am still very close to my host family and we returned from a once-every-10-to-20-years visit this past fall.)”

Christie Fairchild