Patron Book Review: Brandon Briggs (White Rose, Black Forest)

We’re partnering with the Skagit County Historical Museum and the Heritage Flight Museum to give out free passes as part of our Summer Reading Program!

Passes are limited in number so here’s how to get them: write and send us a short review of either your favorite or most recently read historical fiction or non-fiction book. We’ll post them on our website and you’ll get free access to educational fun while “supplies last!”

Patron Brandon Briggs sent us a book review on a historical fiction novel called “White Rose, Black Forest” by Eoin Dempsey as his entry for our giveaway – in exchange he got free tickets to the Heritage Flight Museum!

“Well World War Two was a hard subject for me to read and listen about because all the bad events that happened in that time period. World War Two is an interesting event because I like hearing about all the cool and awesome stories about the planes and items like that. This book caught my eye because I have always been a nerd about planes and stuff that revolves around air fair in the wars so reading this book made me excited because it taught me things I didn’t know before. I cried through this book because it was really emotional book and I recommend that you read it it’s a really good book. World War Two has taught me things that I never knew and has given me the passion when I get a little older I am going to join the air force to become a K9 officer that is my passion for a career when I grow up.” – Brandon Briggs