Wayne Carter Book Signing & Discussion

Saturday September 21, 3pm

Local author Wayne Carter will be discussing his contributions to two collections – Dancing in the Unknown: Real Stories of the Trials and Triumphs of Living Your Life Your Way and Shamanism in the New Millennium.

Dancing in the Unknown: Real Stories of the Trials and Triumphs of Living Your Life Your Way from Betsy Chasse. co-creator of What THE BLEEP Do We Know!?is a compilation of stories from sixteen people sharing trials and triumphs as they make their way through the ‘dance’ that is life. Through these trials and triumphs the writers learned to listen to their inner voice; their heart, and find what is important to them in their life. Answer the invitation in this book to join your “fellow dancers” in exploring your heart and finding your passion for life.

Contributor Wayne Carter will be at the Upper Skagit Library to discuss his story in Dancing in the Unknown on September 21st at 3pm. He will also discuss his contribution to the book entitled Shamanism in the New Millennium.

Shamanism in the New Millennium is also a compilation of sixteen stories from people who have been called to Shamanism. It explores the process by where someone is “called by Spirit (often reluctantly) to become a healer,” how that journey is unveiled to the person, what being a ‘Shaman/healer’ requires, and how that journey is changing in today’s fast paced and rapidly changing world.


From his first career spanning a decade as an award-winning sound engineer and tour manager in the music industry, through starting and growing a successful construction company, to his training in neuro-psychology, Wayne Carter has always followed the road less traveled, sometimes even by choice. Over the years, Wayne has worked to unite his body, mind, and spirit through intensive study and training. The result is a man who sees far, with eyes and soul, who senses what is unsaid, and who is open to experiencing the world in ways outside the norm. He is currently writing a book and having far-ranging adventures with his dog, Soulo.