NaNoWriMo at USL!

November is National Novel Writing Month! To celebrate, we’ll be a “Come Write-In” location all month long; bring your preferred writing utensil with you to the library and increase that word count! 

On Saturday, November 16th, at 3pm,  we’ll be holding a Writer’s Workshop. The topic will be Dialogue Versus Description: does one come more easily to you than the other? Join playwright and author Nicola Pearson to discover ways to layer your writing and create a picture for the reader with all the elements. 

Check out the listing for this event on the official NaNoWriMo website!

Nicola Pearson grew up in England but has lived in the Upper Skagit for the last thirty years. She finds the beauty of the natural world up here fertile ground for her writing, both as a setting and as a source for imagery. Part of her believes that if she can ever find the way to describe all the shades of green she sees in the forest around her, she will have mastered the art of writing. She hopes that day will never come though because wanting to describe this is what keeps her writing. More about her work, including a link to the play she has moving to production in Seattle can be found at: