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Directions for Curbside and Walk-up service

How does Curbside Pickup work?
1. Reserve items via the catalog (, or by emailing library staff ( You can also call staff to reserve materials (360-853-7939) on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10am to 3pm.
2. Once your items become available you will be notified. You may then pick up items only during Curbside hours. You will have 7 days to pick up your available items. After 7 days, your item(s) will be placed back into circulation.
3. When arriving at the library for pick-up, park in front of the library or in the library parking lot.
4. STAY IN YOUR CAR. Use the chat feature on the website, email (, or call (360-853-7939) the library to let them know you have arrived to pick up your available items. Give staff your library barcode number or your first and last name and staff will check your items out and package them.
5. Once your item is checkout library staff, wearing a mask and gloves, will place your items in the back of your car. Please be sure that a backdoor, backdoor window, or the trunk is open so library staff can safely place your items inside.

How does Walk-up Service work?
1. Walk-up Service takes place by the door nearest to the Community Resource Center. Knock on the library’s door and we will hand you a clipboard, pen, and paper where you will write down the materials you’d like to checkout. In the windows nearby we will display our newest items, or you can ask for older materials as well.
2. Once you have written down your items on the paper, knock on the door again and a staff member will collect the items and check them out to you.
3. Once prepared, a staff member will hand the bag with your items to you through the door.

Note: Library staff CAN NOT take items you are returning. As part of our quarantine process patrons must return materials directly to our dropbox in Concrete. Our Marblemount dropbox is temporarily closed.