Directions for Curbside and Walk-up service

How does Curbside Pickup work?
Step 1: Reserve your items in advance by logging into the catalog on our website (, sending an email to, or calling 360.853.7939.

Step 2: You will have 7 days to pick-up your items once staff have notified you that they are ready for pick-up. If you do not pick-up your requested items in in 7 days they will be sanitized and returned to the shelves for another patron to check out.

Step 3: When picking up items, park in the library parking lot. REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE. Using either the chat feature on our website, emailing, or calling 360.853.7939, identify yourself and notify staff that you are ready to pick-up your items. Staff will then check out the items on your account and put on their protective gear for delivery.

Step 4: Roll down a back window of your vehicle, pop-open the trunk, or notify staff that they may place your items on the hood of your vehicle. Staff will bring your items to you.

How does Walk-up Service work?
Step 1: Request materials by writing a letter listing the items you’d like to check out as well as your preferred contact method so that staff can either inform you that you have been placed on hold for the items or that they are available for pick-up. Place the letter in one of our dropboxes, located at the library in Concrete or at the Marblemount Community Hall in Marblemount. This begins their quarantine process.

Step 2: When your letter has gone through quarantine staff will begin to process your requests. Staff will contact you when they are available for pick-up using your preferred contact method.

Step 3: Using the Walk-up Service door located nearest to the Resource Center, knock on the door and show staff your ID through the glass door so that they can identify you without contact.

Step 4: Stand behind the social distance marker near the furthest side of the bench as you wait for staff. When staff have checked your items out to you, they will exit the building and place your items on the nearest side of the bench.

Step 5: DO NOT APPROACH STAFF AS THEY PLACE YOUR ITEMS ON THE BENCH. Wait until staff have re-entered the building and closed the door before picking up your items.

Note: Library staff CAN NOT take items you are returning. As part of our quarantine process patrons must return materials directly to our dropboxes in Concrete or Marblemount.