Wi-Fi Hotspot Instructions

Wi-Fi Hotspots are devices that use cellular networks to generate internet access for devices that cannot access cellular signal, such as computers, laptops, and some tablets.

The library will check out Wi-Fi Hotspots to patrons for one week at a time, with 1 renewal per month.

If you lose or damage the Hotspots, you will need to pay a fine.

Included in each Wi-Fi Hotspot Kit:

1 Protective Case with informational sticker

1 Wi-Fi Hotspot

1 Charging Cable

1 Charging Wall Adapter

1 Instruction Sheet

Here is how you can connect to and use the Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Step 1: Press and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds to turn on the device.

Step 2: Open your device’s network/internet settings.

Step 3: In the Wi-Fi settings, connect to the Wi-Fi hotspot’s network. On the hotspot’s case there is a sticker with all of the information you need to connect to the hotspot. Type in the series of letters and numbers following “Network:”. Tip: They will all start with WFHS and then a number.

Step 4:  Enter the password, also found on the sticker on the hotspot’s case.

Step 5: You should now be connected to the hotspot and be able to use the internet on your device.


  • If you cannot see the hotspot’s network on your device, check the Wi-Fi symbol on the hotspot to make sure that it is lit-up with a steady blue color.
  • Internet not working or is very slow? Try moving the hotspot to a different location. The more bars you have indicated in the signal strength display on the hotspot, the better connection you will have.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot not responsive? How’s the battery? Plug-it in to ensure that the device has enough power to operate.
  • Need additional help? Email info@upperskagitlibrary.org or call 360-853-7939.