New Building Progress Report – November

Work Begins!

First serious work began this month with a complete cleaning of the exterior building via pressure washing. Following this, contractors inserted high strength epoxy into large cracks to seal the building from future water damage. Due to rain and cold this time of year, town approved historical era paints will be applied in the spring. So we must all await the warm weather to see the fresh new (but similar) colors on our building.

Meanwhile, more good progress continues inside. A new water line was installed to deliver pure Concrete water straight to our 2 water fountains. A slab has been poured in the back to allow ADA access as needed. A new and better hand rail has been set in place on the front ramp to help all enter the building safely.

For those dropping off books in the future, a new box is now in place out front that has a separate slot just for CDs and DVDs.

As we await interior completion, work continues on adding electrical outlets & data lines, adhering acoustical tiles to some ceilings to help muffle noise, installing windows & doors & trim, and finally the addition of a beautiful carpet (to be laid in December).

While we have heard that “Patience is a virtue” – William Langland, rest assured that work is happening, good progress is being made, and maybe, maybe an end is in sight!

*In the before/after photos below, drag the book/reading icon left and right to reveal the full photos. If you don’t move the icon, you’ll only see the previews!


Our library is looking cleaner and it now has a new drop box and new hand rails.


At the back of the building new awnings have been installed over the backdoors and the staff parking area has been leveled out and new concrete pads have been poured by the entrances.

Big and beautiful book drop. Note the cane detector at its base.

after-front-ramp rails

New ramp rails help make our new library ADA strong.