SRP for Kids Special Presentation: What is Ecology? with Teachers of Nature

June 19th, 11am via Zoom. Registration required. Live closed captioning will be provided.

“Ecology is the study of the relationships between the living and non-living components found on Earth. In this class, join Alyce on a discovery and introduction to this field of life science. Learn about the main topics of Ecology and how that data helps scientists understand our planet.

Become an ecologist yourself, and be prepared to make observations, analyze your own data, and draw some conclusions.

This class will give you a new, scientific way of looking at our planet and how both the living & non-living things are needed, and necessary in their ecosystems.”

—  Teachers of Nature

For the Upper Skagit Library, Teachers of Nature have modified this class to be specific to ecology in Washington State!

[Participating in the Teachers of Nature Zoom presentation earns young patrons five entries towards the children’s grand prize drawing!]