Write On!: A Teen Writing Club

Write On!: A Teen Writing Club is held on the second Wednesday of the month at 6pm.

Due to COVID-19 some in-library programming is temporarily suspended. Write On! will be held online via Zoom in the interim. 

Need inspiration for a story? Have an idea but don’t know how to start? Want feedback on your work? Just want to be around other people who are also writing at the same time? Join us!

Submit your writing topic ideas here!

Writing Resources

NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program

Writing Prompts

Tips for Writers video series

Community Agreement

Writing is a very personal thing, which can make sharing our writing with others very nervewracking! 

In order to ensure that everyone feels comfortable sharing their work and ideas, we will collaboratively put together a community agreement, with guidelines to follow to make sure everyone has a good time. This community agreement can be updated at anytime, should the need arise! 

For now, here is what we agree will help us have fun, productive, meetings, where everyone feels welcome: 

  • This meeting is for teens and library staff only, with guests welcome by special invitation by teens.
  • All teens are welcome in the writing club, regardless of writing experience. If its your first time writing or you write everyday, this is your space. 
  • Writing club is a space to share ideas. Ideas are not “dumb” – they may just need a little more thought to make them into a great story.
  • Writing club is a place to get feedback, but not harsh criticism. Suggestions are welcome, but let’s stay positive and supportive!
  • Writing club is a place to support and encourage each other. 
  • Writing club should be fun and exciting! If it becomes anxiety-inducing or frustrating, that means something needs to change, and you should always feel free to say so!