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Welcome to May!
There's been a few changes around the library recently - the biggest of which is the decrease in time we'll get seeing Miss Brooke's smiling face! Fear not though, while we may be in the proccess of hiring a new director, the rest of the staff will still be here providing the same (and BETTER) quality service as always! This month we have a fun new program that will go from the 1st to the 31st, and we're rolling out a brand new website with more features than ever! Last month we also unveiled a new logo and a new monthly programs calendar design, as well as continued setting up patrons with Lynda and Kanopy.  We're also exploring more ways to stay in touch with the community, including through the Concrete Herald and features on our new website. We're really excited about the future, and we hope you are too!
We're re-branding! Putting a fresh paint of coat on things in preparation for the move to the new building, if you will. Our new logo was created by a graphic designer who was able to tie-in our past (via elements from the old logo) and our future, as well as hint at the scenic beauty of the area we live in!
Last month we...
... celebrated National Poetry Month! 

Throughout the month, staff, patrons and our online friends (shoutout to Central Skagit Library, Timberland Regional Libraries, Palouse Library, Sachem Library, Monroe Library, and Kamiah Community Library!) created Blackout Poetry from the pages of used books.
On April 20th, Tess led a magazine cut-out poetry craft class with an Earth Day theme!
On April 26th, local poets Andrea Weiser and Jude Dippold shared their work with a full house! 
...held a goodbye party for Brooke at 5b's Bakery! 

On April 26th 5b's was filled to the brim with people celebrating the last five years Brooke has dedicated to us and wishing her well on her new job! There were more than a few tears and a LOT of hugs, good food, and laughter. Everyone who made a luminary craft put their own spin on it, and by the end of the night the bakery was filled with a warm glow. Thanks to Em Beals for hosting the event and catering it. And again, a huge thanks to Brooke for her hard work and dedication to not only the library, but the community as well. We'll see you again in December for the snowflake workshop. ;)
Brooke Pederson Send-off
See the video!
This month we will...
...celebrate National Photography Month! 

Throughout the month we'll be celebrating the art form of photography with displays, books, Lynda courses, and Kanopy documentaries.
Photography Contest - May 1st-31st. The contest will be split into 3 age groups - 11 and under, 12-17, and 18+- and three categories - Nature/Landscapes, Black & White, and Textures/Macro. Public judging starts June 1st and ends June 14th at 3pm. The winner will be announced June 15th. Look for full details here.
Photo Walk - May 19th, 1pm. Join Chazlyn for a photo walk - just in time for the photo contest! Bring your smartphone or camera, and wear sensible shoes and comfortable clothes - we're going to be walking up and down Main St. Concrete from the Thompson Bridge to the Silos! The walk will begin outside the library at 1pm.
Storytime is the 2nd & 4th Saturdays of the month. Families with young children are invited to join us for stories and a simple craft. Note: May will be the last month that we will have storytimes until October, due to the Summer Reading Program.
New Materials At The Library
The Department of Sensitive Crimes: a Detective Varg novel
by Alexander McCall Smith FIC MCCA ALE

See in Catalog
Star Wars: Master & Apprentice
by Claudia Gray FIC GRAY CLA

See in Catalog
Normal People: A Novel
by Sally Rooney FIC ROON SAL

See in Catalog
Death of a New American: A Mystery
by Mariah Fredericks FIC FRED MAR

See in Catalog
I Wrote That One, Too: A Life in Songwriting from Willie to Whitney
by Steve Dorff with Colette Freedman BIO DORF STE 2017

See in Catalog
Creating Sanctuary: Sacred Garden Spaces, Plant-Based Medicine, and Daily Practices to Achieve Happiness and Well-Being
by Jessi Bloom 635.9 BLO 2018

See in Catalog
The Matriarch: Barbara Bush and the Making of an American Dynasty
by Susan Page BIO BUSH BAR 2019

See in Catalog
Teen Witch: Wicca for a New Generation
by Silver RavenWolf YA 133.43 RAV 1998

See in Catalog
Real Friends
by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham J HALE SHA

See in Catalog
The Good Egg
by John Jory and Pete Oswald E JOHN JOR

See in Catalog
The Magic Misfits (Magic Misfits #1)
by Neil Patrick Harris & Alec Azam J HARR NEI

See in Catalog
The Hate U Give
DVD & Blu-Ray

See in Catalog
The Equalizer 2
DVD & Blu-Ray

See in Catalog

See in Catalog
Bohemian Rhapsody

See in Catalog
New eBooks & eAudiobooks via Libby/Overdrive & RBDigtial
With Libby/Overdrive and RBDigital, you never have to be without new stories!

Get Libby!

Get RBDigital!


With Libby/Overdrive and RBDigital, you can access eBooks and eAudiobooks in all genres, for all ages, without having to leave your home. Take stories on the go and gain access to materials we don't yet have physically at the library!


Don't know how to get started? Here's some online instructions for Libby. Here's some instructions for RBDigital. [Note: Your RBDigital app and account must be initially set up here at the library. After its set up, you can use it anywhere!]


Of course, you can always stop by the circulation desk and ask for help!

Daisy Jones & The Six
by Taylor Jenkins Reid [Audiobook]

Listen on Overdrive/Libby
The Priory of the Orange Tree
by Samantha Shannon [eBook]

Read on Overdrive/Libby
Growing a Revolution: Bringing Our Soil Back to Life
by David R. Montgomery [Audiobook]

Listen on Overdrive/Libby
Ghost Towns
by Louis L'amour [eBook]

Read on Overdrive/Libby
New On Kanopy
Frontline: The Facebook Dilemna
Early warnings about Facebook's impact on privacy and democracy in the U.S. and around the world. Dozens of original interviews and rare footage show how the company faced claims of misuse while becoming an unprecedented global power.

Watch on Kanopy
Every Face Has a Name: World War II Survivors Tell Their Stories
In this documentary, survivors from World War II tell their stories as they view themselves on an archive reel shot on April 28, 1945, the day they were liberated from the concentration camps. In the archive film they are anonymous faces in large crowds of refugees. But they all have a name. And they all have a story to tell. Stories about escape, survival and starting life again. Winner of Best Political Film at the Hamburg Film Festival.

Watch on Kanopy
This is the epic story of Henri "Papillon" Charriere (Charlie Hunnam), a safecracker from the Parisian underworld who is framed for murder and condemned to life in the notorious penal colony on Devil's Island. Determined to regain his freedom, Papillon forms an unlikely alliance with quirky convicted counterfeiter Louis Dega (Oscar-winner Rami Malek), who in exchange for protection, agrees to finance Papillon's escape. Official Selection at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Watch on Kanopy
Featured Courses on Lynda

Want to learn a new skill but don’t have access to expensive college courses? With you won’t need them! (also known as LinkedIn Learning after its acquisition) is an online learning platform that offers a plethora of in-depth classes on a variety of topics taught by professionals and industry leaders to help you develop skills for work, hobbies, art, and self-improvement. Now, through the Upper Skagit Library, patrons can access Lynda’s offerings for free!



Classes on Lynda range from art, graphic design, music, writing, business, marketing, project management, programming/coding, and in-depth looks at specific software used in all of these industries. Many courses are closed captioned and offered in multiple languages. Lynda also offers “Learning Paths” – recommendations on which classes to take on your journey into a particular career, such as becoming a music producer, improving your songwriting skills, becoming a small business owner, transitioning from the military into civilian employment, becoming a graphic designer, publishing an eBook, becoming an app developer or web designer, or making your own film.



Together, and the Upper Skagit Library want to help you learn the skills you need to achieve your full potential.



To access through the library, click here.

Writing A Cover Letter
Cover letters matter. When done right, they spell out clearly who you are, what you have to offer, and—most importantly—why your skills, experience, and interests make you the perfect person for the job you’re vying for. In this course, join career strategist and Certified Professional Resume Writer Jenny Foss as she dives into the topic of cover letters, detailing how to craft one that helps you land the interview and—ultimately—the job. Explore the elements of an exceptional cover letter and learn how to craft a killer lead, provide direct evidence for why your skills align with a position, and close on a strong note. Plus, Jenny shares tips for getting your polished letter directly into the hands of decision-makers.

View the course here.
The Mindful Workday
Bring your best self to work. Join Dr. Britt Andreatta in The Mindful Workday, a series of mindfulness exercises to keep you connected, grounded, and focused at work. Learn how to maximize your commute—whether it's a two-hour drive or a short walk to your home office—so you show up prepared. Discover how to create a healthy working environment and communicate better with your boss. Find out how to use your downtime in a positive way, stop watching the clock so you can live in the present, and turn meetings into successful, collaborative experiences. Finally, learn how to mindfully leave work and arrive home fully present.

View the course here.
Finance Foundations
Finance exists in the real world. It impacts everyone: individuals, families, companies, and governments. While it may sound complicated, at its core finance is about deciding what to buy, getting the money you need to buy it, and efficiently managing the resources you already own. In this course, Brigham Young University business professors Jim and Kay Stice provide a comprehensive overview of finance, touching on everything from reading a balance sheet to understanding derivatives and securities. They tackle questions such as "What is the difference between short-term financial management and long-term financing?" and "What is the difference between a traditional bank, an investment bank, and an investment fund?" Along the way, you can get an inside look at financial reports from companies such as Walmart and Toys "R" Us, the IPOs of Microsoft and Facebook, and even the data that go into personal financial decisions, such as deciding whether to buy a car.

View the course here.
Board of Trustees
The Upper Skagit Library Board of Trustees Meeting occurs the second Thursday of each month. Next meeting: May 9th, 6pm, at the new library building on 45952 Main St., Concrete, WA. The public is invited to attend. 
Board of Trustees New Library Update
The following is an update written by the Board of Trustees which appeared in the May issue of the Concrete Herald, and is available at the library as a handout. 

The Upper Skagit Library District (District) has been providing services to increasing numbers of patrons while at the same time making headway on plans for a new permanent home.

Since 2014 a group of volunteers has worked with the library staff, Board of Trustees and Friends/Foundation to bring this vision to reality. As part of the 2015 effort the library staff and Task Force members developed a vision for the new library function and operations, detailed in the USLD Building Program. Further planning initially focused on a new building, which in April 2016 was determined to be financially unrealistic. In the summer of 2016, the American Legion Hall became available; it was the desired size and generally sound. Private benefactors stepped forward to purchase the Legion and undertake renovations before donating the building to the District in December 2017.

Since receiving the donation, the District has been working to insure that the building will meet the needs of staff and patrons now and into the future. The District needs to redeem its responsibility to complete all due diligence on the structural integrity of the building as well as to account for the proper functioning of the building environment. The District would be liable for any deficiencies that were not properly addressed prior to occupancy. A larger district would employ an architect to guide this process.  Due to our small size, we are acting as owner-builders, and are relying on volunteers and the guidance of our project manager to complete these tasks.  This means that projects aren’t always sequenced as quickly as they might be on a sizeable project.  Additionally it is challenging to find contactors who want to work in our remote location, and we may pay a premium to those who do. 

The District completed the new roof and interior structural repairs to the ceiling at the end of March.  This work required that the building remain vacant while it was completed.  The next step is to complete the interior which will include adequate lighting and electrical work that can provide the necessary support for the computer requirements.  Due to the seasonal nature of the construction industry and this being their busiest time, it may be difficult to secure contractors who are available to complete this work. This may cause further delays.  Our Library Director, Brooke Pederson, has taken another job elsewhere. In addition, our project manager Roger Howard has resigned for health reasons.  The District is hoping to find a new project manager to assist us with preparing and administering the final contracts.  The application process for a new Library Director will close on April 30th. Interviews will then begin.

Right now, we can’t guarantee an opening date.  We want you to know that we are doing the best we can to keep the project moving, while at the same time providing patron services, transitioning to a new library director, and keeping on top of continually moving targets. Thank you for your patience and understanding for occupancy. We also thank the library staff who are having to assume additional work duties while the director search is going on.  We plan to have monthly progress reports here in this paper as well as online. Review our timeline of progress here:  

We are all looking forward to the time when we can call for help relocating to our beautiful new library.  Stay tuned. 

-Upper Skagit Library District Board of Trustees


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