Forest Health in the Puget Sound

Washington State University Forestry Extension: Forest Health in the Puget Sound with Kevin W. Zobrist, associate professor at WSU. On Friday, September 27th from 5:30pm-7pm at the Concrete Community Center, located at 45821 Railroad Street in Concrete, Kevin will be doing a talk intitled ‘Why are all the Trees Dying?’
Dead and dying trees have proliferated throughout western Washington. Trees were particularly hard-hit in 2018, especially western redcedars, causing concern for many property owners. Washington State University (WSU) Extension Forestry will be giving a free public seminar to explain why so many trees are dying right now and what property owners can do. Attend this free public seminar to learn what makes forests healthy or unhealthy and how to recognize when there’s a problem on your property. Topics include insects, diseases, and drought, including their environmental roles and the important interactions between them. Learn about what property owners should do (and not do) to increase tree resilience and mitigate impacts. The seminar will be taught by Kevin Zobrist, associate professor of forestry at WSU and author of the book Native Trees of Western Washington: A Photographic Guide. Admission is free, and no registration is necessary. The seminar, hosted by the Upper Skagit Library, will be Friday, September 27th, from 5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. at the Concrete Community Center.
For more information contact Brendan Whyte, WSU Extension Forestry, or call 425-357-6023.

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