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Service Stories

Our goal is to support our community. To do this we aim to provide a wide variety of resources – physical and online – as well as technical and reference assistance, engaging and diverse programming, and a welcoming and inclusive environment. 

A young patron came zooming into the library first thing in the morning (after we were closed for the Christmas holiday) and went straight to the children’s section and grabbed the brand-new Dog Man book. He brought it up the desk and said, “I spied this through the window yesterday and wanted to be the first one to check it out!”
Chazlyn had the opportunity to help a customer that wanted to print on the computer using American Sign Language. The patron was delighted.
We offered patrons a DVD check out limit of 4 (rather than the usual 3 video limit) for the weekend before Christmas. One patron was so pleasantly surprised she said that it was “probably the only gift I’ll be getting this year!”
Tess was unable to purchase an entire series for a patron, but she did research which of our reciprocal libraries had the entries we do not, and wrote a list for the patron with the names of the libraries and the books they have in their possession. The patron was delighted, and told Tess that she went “above and beyond!”
A family was in checking out movies and while Tess was serving one person at the counter, Nancy walked around the counter to serve another person. Another patron wryly commented, “Yeah, they come out into the crowd to serve us!”
A wonderful lady came in with a book donation to trade us for a book she borrowed from our “free” book case. She asked if it would be a fair trade so that she could send the book she took to her daughter at college because it was funny and made her laugh. She then recommended another book from our donation shelf to Beth; saying that “the book will make you feel good, even though it makes you cry.”
A lady came in and commented about how cute of a town Concrete is and that she wanted to see books about old Concrete. One of our staff found two books, one of which was Men of Concrete, to which she joked, “Oh, that’s what I’m looking for. Where are all the good ones?” She browsed the rest of the books in the library and thanked us when she left.