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This image shows the band and girls dressed as dancers in honor for the Day of the Dead.

A Cultural Tapestry: Celebrating the Success of Our Hispanic Heritage Month Event

In the heart of the Northwest, our community recently thrummed with the vibrant pulse of our heritage at the Les’t Fiesta event, and it’s only right to share the joy and success we nurtured together.

A Showcase of Talent and Passion

The event unfurled into an evening of cultural splendor, kicked off by the stellar dance troupe from Mount Baker Middle School. Guided by the dedicated hands of Rosa Juarez, Andrea Alianz, and Maritza Sanchez, these young dancers became the true ambassadors of our rich culture. Each dance step told a story, weaving a tapestry on stage that reflected the diversity of our roots. The effort and dedication shone through their varied performances, making it clear that behind every dance was a story of hard work and meticulous preparation. Hats off to the spectacular show they presented.

Music That Binds the Community

The soul of our fiesta beat in time with the music thanks to Teresa Santos Luna, who brought us the magnificent Orgullo Oaxaqueño Band. Their performance was more than spectacular—it was a celebration that had the whole town swaying with uncontainable joy. Their repertoire took us on a journey through the sounds that define Hispanic identity, with every note played serving as a tribute to the traditions that bind us.

Heartfelt Thanks

We simply cannot let the moment pass without giving a hearty Pacific Northwest cheer for the folks who were truly the backbone of this event. It’s with immense gratitude that we shout out to the staff from the Mount Vernon School District Migrant Program, whose commitment turned Les’t Fiesta from mere concept into a community fiesta for the books.

But let’s get more personal here—Isabel Zaragoza,Veronica Gonzalez, Monica Bustamante, and Iris Carias. These three are not just names on a program. They are the relentless engines, the heartbeat of the Migrant Family Support Program, who went above and beyond to make our event not just possible, but memorable. Their extraordinary work doesn’t just start or end with a successful event. Day in and day out, their dedication is felt throughout the Skagit Valley, where they serve as cornerstones of support and growth.

Isabel, with her warm spirit and unwavering dedication, is a beacon of guidance for families navigating new chapters. Monica, with her strategic know-how and compassionate approach, bridges gaps, connecting people not just to services, but to a community that feels like family. And Iris, with her boundless energy and fierce advocacy, ensures that every family’s voice is heard and their potential is reached.

Their work within the Skagit Valley community is nothing short of exceptional. They don’t just organize—they energize, they don’t just manage—they inspire. The delicious tamales and divine champurrado that graced our event are just a taste of the cultural richness they help foster every day.

In a region where rain is plentiful but sunshine can be scarce, Isabel, Monica, and Iris are rays of light that consistently break through the clouds, nurturing growth in every corner of our community. Their passion for their work is as evident as the towering evergreens that define our landscape—it’s steadfast, it’s essential, and it’s deeply rooted in the fertile soil of our shared human experience.

This event was a celebration, yes, but it was also a testament to the tireless efforts these women pour into the Skagit Valley, ensuring that the tapestry of our community remains vibrant and inclusive. For their exceptional work, we owe them more than thanks; we owe them a debt of ongoing support and recognition as they continue to cultivate a community as diverse and beautiful as the varied landscapes of our cherished Northwest.

Culinary Delights That United Us

Special mention goes to Sonia Olivera, the mastermind behind the food and drink logistics that tantalized our taste buds. Her ability to coordinate the flavors of our land for such a large event speaks volumes of her dedication and love for our community.

Partnerships That Forge Futures

We also want to acknowledge Marilu Fernandez from the Migrant Program, and Norma Suarez from IRIS for their invaluable collaboration. The synergy between their institutions and our community strengthens the support system for our migrant families, providing them with resources and hope. The work carried out by these women mirrors a commitment and affection that reflect the noblest of efforts: helping others find their place and thrive in a new land.

Until the Next Fiesta

As we bid farewell to a day filled with laughter, applause, and flavor, we take with us the memory of a day when each of us was part of something larger than ourselves. Something that transcends borders and resides in the heart of each one of us: the pride of our Hispanic heritage.

Les’t Fiesta was more than an event; it was proof that together we can weave stories of success and joy. We hope this is just the beginning of many more celebrations where our culture, history, and traditions continue to take center stage.

Thank you to everyone who made this event an unforgettable milestone in our community!


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