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Library Policies

The Upper Skagit Library District uses social media to advance the Library’s mission as a community doorway to reading, resources, and lifelong learning and a center for people, ideas and culture. These tools help broaden awareness of the wide range of library resources, programs, and activities.

The Upper Skagit Library encourages and supports employees’ efforts to engage with communities served by the Library through the use of the Library’s social media accounts. Upon supervisor approval, employees may access Library social media accounts to facilitate community engagement within the scope of their duties. Employees may use their personal devices when accessing and engaging in Library social media. Personal devices may then be subject to Public Records Requests.
The Library will remain neutral on the topics covered on our social media pages and in the Library. The comments and opinions expressed on these forums (and external links appearing in posts) are the opinion of the person posting and may not reflect the official position of the Upper Skagit Library or the opinions of its employees. Everything posted to our social media accounts is part of the public record and subject to public disclosure.

By posting any comments, posts, or other materials on Upper Skagit Library social media pages, you give the Library permission to reproduce, distribute, publish, display, edit, modify, delete and otherwise use your submissions for any library-related purpose in any form on any media.

We reserve the right (but are not obligated) to review, screen, edit and delete comments before and after posting, in accordance with the Upper Skagit Library Public Comment Guidelines below.

Comments may be edited and deleted before posting or removed upon discovery, if:
• substantially off-topic or unrelated to the original post
• using defaming, demeaning, vulgar, offensive, threatening, or harassing language
• designed to advertise, promote or solicit for any business, commercial transaction or non-government service
• fraudulent, including impersonating someone else or misrepresentations
• chain messages or obvious spam
• promoting or opposing current ballot questions or persons seeking office unless directly related to a Library program, event or resource
• violating copyright of images, music, video or published works without source credit or permission of the owner

Social media services that host our forums may also have their own policies regarding privacy standards and restrictions that may affect comments posted.

Adopted by the Upper Skagit Library Board of Trustees, June 14, 2018.

The Upper Skagit Library reserves the right to document its services and the public’s use of the Library. Official representatives of the Library may photograph or record (defined as both video and audio recording) within the Library and at Library-related events and activities. These photographs and recordings may be copied, displayed, telecast, and/or published (including on the Library’s website and social media) to promote and inform the public about the Library. This extends to Friends of the Library events and Library booths and/or programs in the community.

Adopted by the Upper Skagit Library Board of Trustees, October 21, 2021.

Children are welcome at the library 

The Upper Skagit Library welcomes children of all ages and we encourage children to make full use of the library, materials, and programs that we have to offer. 

The Library desires to provide a safe and appropriate environment for visitors of all ages. For the safety and comfort of children, a responsible parent or caregiver should accompany and supervise children who are using the Library. While in the Library, parents and caregivers are responsible for monitoring and regulating the behavior of their children. The Library is not equipped, nor is it the Library’s role, to provide long- or short-term child care.


The Upper Skagit Library is a public place, open to all people. Children left alone are at risk and should be supervised by a mature, capable parent or guardian. 

What the Library Does 

We strive to provide a safe, appropriate environment for different age groups, including small children. Library staff are trained to assist patrons in using Library materials, services, and programs. Library staff are not responsible for supervising children left alone while on Library property. The policy on children in the Library is not intended to be restrictive. The policy was adopted to ensure the general safety and well-being of these patrons. 



Parents and Caregivers

Parents and caregivers are responsible for their children’s safety, comfort, and behavior while on Library property. 

Toddlers and Preschoolers  

  • Are encouraged to use the Children’s section in the Library  
  • Must be supervised by a responsible caregiver at all times while in the Library  
  • Must be accompanied by a caregiver to attend Library programs such as Storytimes and LEGO Club

Older Children

Elementary school-age children may use the Library unattended for an amount of time appropriate to their age and maturity. Children must follow the same rules as adults, or they may be asked to leave the Library for the day. Quiet play is fine. Running or loud play disturbs others.


Parents and caregivers must be familiar with the Library’s hours and pick up their children before closing time. Please ensure that your minor child has ways to contact you in case of an emergency. 

When The Library Intervenes 

  • Library staff will intervene when an unsupervised child is:  Frightened, crying, or confused  
  • In danger or acting dangerously toward others  
  • Not following Library rules  
  • Not met by a caregiver at closing time 

Library staff will evaluate the situation and attempt to contact a parent or guardian. In circumstances that give Library staff cause for concern, staff may contact the sheriff. 


Public Use of Children’s Areas Policy

The children’s area within the Upper Skagit Library is a special part of the Library. This area provides services and houses special collections and programs designed for children. The purpose of this area is to give children and their caregivers access to special children’s materials, programs, and services. This policy guides Library staff in regulating access to these areas and informs the public of the intended use of this area. The children’s area is available for use by any patron who is accessing the special materials contained in the collection and by children and their caregivers when attending children’s programs and utilizing other services provided by the staff. Patrons not included in these categories may be required to leave the children’s area and instead use other areas of the Library.

Volunteers are a great help to the library, and we appreciate their help and support. The following are some policies and procedures for volunteers in the library. Volunteers are under the direct supervision of their assigned library staff member, and the Library Director. Failure to follow these guidelines will result in the termination of a volunteer’s hours.


  • Before they start, volunteers must fill out a volunteer form and be assigned a supervisor. Once assigned a supervisor, volunteers will work with their supervisor to create a schedule and list of projects they will work on.
  • When volunteers arrive for their volunteer shift, they must sign-in at the circulation desk before reporting to their supervisor. They must also pick up (at the circulation desk when they sign-in) and wear a volunteer badge during their volunteer shift.
    • Volunteers cannot volunteer if their supervisor is not present, unless it has been discussed beforehand with their supervisor and another staff member agrees to act as a temporary supervisor.
    • Volunteers can only volunteer if the library is open, unless they are helping with a specific project/program happening outside of the library’s normal hours, and their supervisor is present.
  • Volunteers are only allowed to use staff equipment during their volunteer hours, and only in pursuit of specifically assigned library projects. Any personal projects must be done on/in the publicly available equipment/space.
  • Volunteers must keep track of their volunteer hours, using the provided forms.
  • Volunteers must follow all library policies and procedures, and must follow staff behavior guidelines.
  • Volunteers are not allowed to work with the public unless under direct supervision of a library staff member at all times during patron interactions.
  • The library takes patron privacy very seriously, as such volunteers will not be allowed access to patron records, i.e. given access to the library’s ILS. Volunteers are not allowed to reveal any personal information they may overhear during the course of their work, as laid out in the library’s policies and procedures.
    • Volunteers will not have access to any library passwords, including those needed to log-in to our staff computers. The volunteer’s supervisor will log volunteers into anything they’ll need to access during their shift. Volunteers should not copy or save passwords, and cannot log-in to staff computers unless their supervisor is physically present.
  • Volunteers should not make any decisions about policy and/or procedure, or make any physical changes to the building without the Library Director’s approval. If a volunteer has an idea or suggestion, they must submit that suggestion to their supervisor, and wait for approval before moving forward.