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This flyer shows a program about teen advocacy.

Friday, October 13th 5-7pm: Even If Your Voice Shakes – a Pre-Teen and Teen Advocacy Workshop

We’ve ALL been there – someone does or says something hurtful to you or to a friend or a classmate or a stranger, and you know you should speak up and say something, but for some reason, you’re just frozen in place – unable to say or do something. It’s one of the worst feelings in the world. Linden Jordan, president of PFLAG is joining us for this special workshop where we’ll learn how to overcome that freeze response and to learn when and how to effectively and safely advocate for ourselves and others. Teens and Pre-Teens aged 10-18 are welcome to join us for this after-hours program. If you arrive a bit late no worries – just ring the doorbell to be let into the program. If you’d like to request any accessibility options, please ask staff!


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