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Today is Stop Food Waste Day!

Today is #StopFoodWasteDay and we have been so pleased with the community’s response to our community #Freedge from Sustainable Connections! We want to thank the donors who provide the food that would otherwise be discarded (Concrete MarketFresh and PeaceHealth!), the volunteers who transport the food to us, and the community members who have welcomed the project! We also want to thank Skagit County Public Health for helping make this possible! We are going to keep growing the program, so if you want to be involved in any way, let us know! 

Also, quick note: please don’t take individual food items out of multi-packs – please just take the whole container and all of the food items in it. This is a sanitation thing and the food safety folks would be very pleased if we all followed this rule! 🥰

#SquatchFoodWaste #Freedge #SustainableConnections #SkagitCountyPublicHealth #FoodRecoveryProgram #ZeroWaste


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Due to situations beyond our control, the library will close today at 2:00 pm. Please excuse the inconvenience caused.

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