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Welcome to the fall season!

Thank you for finding your voice alongside us during our Summer Reading Program this year! In 2022 seventy-seven people signed up for the program; in 2023 one hundred and seven signed up! I’m not great at math, but I suspect that thirty more people signed up this year than last year. While the program didn’t always go as planned (did this summer feel busier than ever to anyone else?) we still had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things. Keep an eye out for summer roundup photos and statistics, if that kind of thing interests you.

Speaking of things that didn’t go as planned, the big Author Event and Q&A for the Upriver Young Authors Program – originally scheduled for August 26th – had to be rescheduled. We’re now aiming for September 23rd at 5:30pm. While we still need to do a few more minor edits (writers – please contact us to see if your story is one that needs edits!) what we have so far is astounding. We knew that the short stories, poems, and essays our young authors would share with us would be good – we just didn’t think they’d be *this* good. Please join us for the final celebration of their hard work – copies of the book will be available by donation to the Friends of the Upper Skagit Library due to the graciousness of our kids and teens who wanted to use the stories they wrote to fundraise and the willingness of the Friends to take those donations for future use in next year’s UYAP or other similar programs. 

September will be a bit slower than summer, to the immense relief of staff, who desperately need to catch up on many endeavors. This month we have teen and adult Dungeons & Dragons sessions, the Kids’ Dance Party, multiple Affordable Connectivity Workshops and Tech Tutoring slots, an After School Arts & Crafts evening, Adult Craft Night, English Pronunciation Group meetings, the last two UYAP events, a PSE workshop, and we’re getting ready for October’s solar eclipse event with a local astronomer! …We did say we were slowing down, right? 

As usual, get all the details on programs, materials, services, Board of Trustees meetings, and more from our website, monthly calendar, email newsletter, and social media! You can find links to everything online at www.linktr.ee/upperskagitlibrary. We hope to see you soon!


Chazlyn Lovely, Marketing Specialist & Teen Librarian

This blog was previously published as the September 2023 Upper Skagit Library column in the Concrete Herald.


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