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45952 Main St

Concrete, WA 98237

New library under renovation

New Library Progress
Needs improvements Ready to open

Renovations are complete!

December 26 - Renovation Progress Update

Timeline of our progress

Here is a small summary of what has been done to move forward with the renovations in the new building.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's what we can tell you about the new building!

When will we move into the new building?!

*giant shrug* 

We’re long past promising any exact dates, that’s for sure! 

The finishing touches on the final renovations occurred in January, shelving was installed in February, and the migration of library assets (books, furniture, more!) took place in March. As of April 2021, we are still organizing and unpacking the interior of the building.

What will be different?

Well, there’s going to be more space – that’s for sure! We’ll have more space for visitors to stay and lounge with more seating available, a larger, dedicated space for kids, and a small study area, among other things. 

Can we help you move?

As much as we LOVED the idea of standing everyone in a line up main street and passing books from person to person all the way to the building, its unlikely that we will be able to do so due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Sorry! 

Will more computer space be available? Will we still be able to copy and print?

Yes! We’ll have a dedicated room for computer usage. Printing and copying services will still be available! 

Where will we park at the new building?

There will be no parking at the library building itself in either the front or back. Patrons can park across the street in the Bear Square parking lot. Be careful when crossing the street! 

Will you be open extra hours?

We’re looking at options for our open hours which may include being open on Thursdays, but no promises right now. Stay tuned!

Will the collection expand?

A bit, yes! There will be more room for our current collection and some old favorites may return from storage – yay!

Will there be any nods to the American Legion Hall?

One of our study spaces will have a display case dedicated to the Legion Hall and the history of the building. 

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