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Update from the Board of Trustees

SHKS completed their responses to the USL Comment Sheet concerning the final package of work.

SHKS also sent their COVID-19 Phase 2 Construction Safety Guidance PDF. It includes the need of a “Covid-19 Site Supervisor” and Covid-19 Safety Training 1st day and weekly thereafter and Employer provided PPE. This all means more work and more expense.

The USL Board of Trustees received the final cost / price from SHKS.
On July 30th, the USL Board of Trustees accepted the contract!
SHKS has begun coordinating the permits with the town of Concrete. Everything has been approved and permits will be completed by the town within the next week.
A public announcement was posted in the Skagit Valley Herald announcing the opening of bids for the project.
SHKS prepared the summary for advertising that started on Sunday (11th). SHKS and USL are using a website called Builders Exchange of Washington to post all documents. There is a link to this site incorporated within the Skagit Valley Herald advertisement.

On August 24 (Mon), a Pre-bid site walk will occur with interested contractors.

By September 7 (Mon), SHKS and the USL BoT will begin reviewing lowest bidding contractor’s history/resume before issuing Notice of Contract Award!


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